Fake Einstein Quote, Fish Climbs Tree?

Today I felt crafty and wanted to decorate glass vases. I thought it might be fun to paint a quote on it so I looked up some quotes on Google to get inspired. I am a college student and I enjoy to write down quotes that motivate me to reach goals. I am also a math major, so naturally I looked up “Einstein quotes”.

I saw a lot of

“Everyone is a genius but if you judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree it will spend its whole life feeling stupid” – Albert Einstein

I remembered hearing it somewhere and recalled that it was from a video I saw  shared on Facebook. I looked up the video to see if they credited Einstein for the quote as well because I was a little skeptic on the credibility of a few Googled memes.

And sure enough they gave credit to Einstein for the quote.

I did a little research and found that there were no actual evidence that connects Einstein to the statement (according to Quote Investigator and its sources). The earliest evidence of the quote was found in a self-help book written in 2004 called “The Rhythm of Life: Living Every Day with Passion and Purpose” by Mathew Kelly.

Um. I’m pretty sure Einstein a few decades ago (1955 to be exact). It makes me wonder who published the book and where the author got its information from.

Anyways. I thought this was interesting because this quote seems to have spread around the internet quite a bit. The video by Prince Era alone has over 3.7 million views currently and it starts off saying “Albert Einstein once said everyone is a genius……”. I find it a little funny and ironic because Prince Era is talking about the education system and he did not even fact-check?

I just wish people would look into the credibility of sources before sharing things on the internet because it easily gets around and many people will be misguided. Nowadays it seems this society will believe almost anything that is on their Facebook feed.


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